Our future is at stake. Public education for our children hangs in the balance. SuperPACS and dark money runs rampant in Washington, with no accountability. And too many career politicians, corporate puppets and wealthy CEOs are making decisions for all of us, without having any understanding of what it is like to be a working-class Oklahoman.

The 2018 midterm elections represent Oklahoma’s opportunity to elect a new kind of candidate: someone like you, who wants the best for Oklahoma and is willing to look beyond party lines to find common-sense solutions to the problems that plague our state and nation.

It’s time to make changes in Washington. It’s time for new ideas, a return to leaders with integrity, and a representative who is willing to prioritize the needs and wants of the citizens of Oklahoma above party politics or special interest money. We must fight for the future together by protecting public education and demanding full  transparency of lobbyist influence.

I am willing to go the distance-- to go to Congress and fight for all of us to have a place to live that we can be proud of, because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.



Amanda Douglas


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