The Candidate

Amanda Douglas was born and raised in Oklahoma. As one of four children in a low-income family, Amanda wasn't handed a lot of opportunities in life. Driven to succeed in spite of her disadvantages, Amanda graduated at the top of her class at Glenpool High School, then through scholarships and federal aid, earned her degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University.

Since then, Amanda has spent 13 years building a successful career as a business analyst and consultant in the energy sector. She lives in Broken Arrow with her husband, Corey, their daughter, Charlotte, and their Corgi, Dutchess.

Why Now?

After her daughter was born in 2016, the success and future of our state and nation became all the more important to Amanda. Like all mothers, she wants the best possible future for her child. Unfortunately, poor leadership and bad decisions made by the current administration have multiplied and snowballed, eroding the very foundation of our beautiful country, and threatening the progress we have fought for in the past.

That's why we say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We here on the team hope that you'll all join in the fight. We're going to bring honesty and integrity and real representation of the people back to the 1st Congressional District of Oklahoma!

Your Support is crucial...

Amanda is no Washington insider, and let's be honest-- she doesn't get paid like one. Her campaign is funded by the generosity of people like you who also want to come together and fight for a better place for all of us to call home. Won't you please consider donating today? Every bit helps!