If you take one thing away from this page, please make it this: No matter what her personal beliefs on issues, Amanda's number one priority in Washington will be to represent the wishes of her constituents-- not party politics, not lobbyists, not anything or anyone but the people she is elected to serve.


Amanda will bring honesty, integrity and ethics back to this seat. But she doesn't expect your vote without telling you her thoughts on issues that are facing us today. So below we've listed a few topics we think you will find important.


Since Amanda's daughter was born 20 months ago, public education has become a huge focus for her, and it is a cornerstone of her platform. The state of the public schools in our nation is dismal, and nowhere is that more evident than in the state of Oklahoma.

We must put a stop to federal budget cuts of billions of dollars from the Department of Education-- funding which mainly benefits low-income and special-needs children. We must fight against voucher programs being instituted at the federal level, which will funnel billions more away from public schools and into private and parochial schools.

This isn't right. And this isn't a game. Our children deserve the BEST future we can give them. And we have the right to protect our children from people willing to sacrifice their future. It is time for a representative unburdened by lobbyist loyalty and corporate kickbacks. Amanda Douglas is wholly dedicated to giving all of our children the best education possible -- something we can all agree on.


Medical Marijuana

Recreational marijuana would be a huge revenue producer that we MUST take advantage of to fill some of the gaping holes in our state budgets for education, infrastructure, and more.

At the federal level, Amanda will also fight to federally declassify marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance. We must recognize the medical benefits of cannabis, CBD and THC, and clear the way for researching cannabis as a treatment option for diseases like Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, depression, and cancer.

social security and medicare

Americans must pay into Social Security and Medicare their entire working lives, so  the idea of cutting the funding of these programs in order to facilitate tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy is incredibly insulting to everyday Americans.

We MUST stop the attacks on these programs that are meant to protect and provide for our seniors, children and working families.


Amanda believes that lobbyist money should NOT be able to buy influence in our government. PERIOD.

Additionally, SuperPACS and dark money continue to threaten our democracy. To make informed decisions as citizen voters, we MUST insist on full transparency of ALL political contributions.

Health Care as a right

No American should ever go bankrupt simply because of illness or injury.

Amanda believe that in the 21st century, quality healthcare should be a right afforded to all Americans.

Publicly funded and privately delivered, the U.S. Medicare program has has had 52 years of success thus far. Seniors on Medicare receive some of the best treatment at the lowest costs in the country.

It only makes sense to improve and expand our very successful Medicare program to serve all Americans. This will come at a cost; however, the massive savings we will achieve from eliminating wasteful administrative costs in hospitals, clinics and insurance companies, along with lower negotiated prices on prescriptions and procedures due to this economy of scale, will more than make up for the costs involved.


School Violence Prevention

We CAN balance our right to own and enjoy firearms alongside the need for public safety.

The debate about guns in this country has become a shouting match between the far right and the far left, and no one is hearing the majority of us who fall in the middle:

  • We support the Second Amendment and value our right to keep and enjoy firearms.
  • We also demand common-sense solutions for the ongoing gun violence that plagues our nation and its schools.
  • We agree that instituting improved, universal background checks, along with closing the loopholes in our current system, and implementing a proactive, rather than reactive, model of addressing threats of violence are all vital steps toward this goal.

So let's stop having the same old arguments. Let's kick the lobbyists OUT of the conversation, and work across party lines to find a common-sense, bipartisan solution, NOW.


What else?

Got an issue you'd like to ask Amanda about?

Contact her through this site or through social media and let's talk about it. She's all ears.


Campaign Finance Reform

One other thing... Campaign finance reform is long overdue in the U.S. Candidates should not be bought and paid for by special interest groups before they are even elected to office.

Amanda is not rich, but she will never accept donations from lobbyists who would expect any favors in return. A true public servant is beholden only to her electors.

That's why you are all so important. Word-of-mouth advertising and individual donations of financial support are crucial to the success of a grassroots campaign like this. Please consider giving today.

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